Monica Shaw

Hi, my name is: Monica Shaw. I'm a writer, teacher, data analyst, mountain leader, and the founder of Writer's Residence, the service I used to create this writing portfolio. 


I started Writer's Residence in 2008 after successfully launching my own career as a freelance writer. I was lucky to have a technical background and the skills to make my own online writing porftolio. But not all writers have the opportunity - or the motivation! - to learn such a skill. I created Writer's Residence for all the writers out there who'd rather be writing than fiddling with a website.

As a freelance writer, I write frequently about food, marketing, business and social media for publications such as The Daily Telegraph, Chef Magazine, Food Magazine and The Writer

As a web and social media consultant, I work mainly with chefs, restaurateurs, food brands and other food writers to help them use the internet to improve their businesses. With an MSc in applied mathematics and research experience in statistics, my main focus is on analytics. I love data, and I use it as much as possible to solve problems and prove that the solutions actually work. 

I live, work, write, cook, eat, and play from a converted Ford Transit Connect campvervan on the west coast of Scotland.

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Read a few of my favourite writing samples below: