Monica Shaw

My decades-long writing career is a case study in versatility! My heart lies in the food and nature writing I do for my outdoors business, Eat Sleep Wild, and my personal essays about writing for Writer's Residence. Along the way I've also written for a wide range of sectors and verticals, largely built on my backgound in computational and applied mathematics. My most notable professional writing roles have included: 

  • Data storytelling for major international brands built on my background in applied mathematics and statistics
  • e-Learning courses and online educational material, most recently as a statistics lecturer for Open University
  • Copywriting and content writing for numerous businesses and individuals, founded my expertise in SEO and web analytics
  • Food and travel writing both online and in print including The Telegraph and The Independent

You can find a few of my favourite writing samples below.

A Vegetarian in Paris

The International Indian

Food and Travel

There are reasons why Paris is known as "The City of Light." True, the name may come from its early adoption of electrical lighting, but visitors and loca...

Ever since London won the bid to host the 2012 Olympics, the city has been scrambling to clean up its act. As a result, this once smoggy metropolis has tran...

How British Are You? (Book cover copy)

Red Squirrel Publishing

I collaborated with author Henry Dillon to write copy for the back cover of his book, How British are You?: Questions from the Citizenship Test - A Quiz Book...

Minitab Quality Trainer is an online course in business statistics that I wrote while working at Enspire Learning, an e-Learning company in Austin, Texas. M...