Monica Shaw

How British Are You? (Book cover copy)

Red Squirrel Publishing - October 03, 2008

I collaborated with author Henry Dillon to write copy for the back cover of his book, How British are You?: Questions from the Citizenship Test - A Quiz Book for the Nation.

Back cover text:

You may think you know everything about being British, but would the government agree? Could you pass the British citizenship test?

This informative and entertaining book investigates the controversial exam that anyone wishing to become a British citizen must pass. Some questions are easy, others are bizarre, and some are downright impossible.

What type of food is traditionally eaten on Christmas Day? How might you stop young people playing tricks on you at Hallowe'en? What is the role of the Council of Europe?

This is the ultimate quiz book for the nation, with hundreds of practice questions that every British citizen should be able to answer.

Do you, your family and friends have what it takes to pass the British citizenship test?