Monica Shaw

Executive Challenge Content Developer's Manual

Enspire Learning - June 16, 2008


Executive Challengeâ„¢ is a blended-learning leadership and management simulation in which participants play the role of corporate executives guiding their companies to boom or bust. Throughout the simulation, players are faced with Issues and Projects, branching scenarios written in XML that require the players to make a decision. Content Developers who write these scenarios not only need to learn the tone and style of the simulation, they also need to learn the basics of XML. The goal of this manual is to provide a basic overview and template for writing Executive Challengeâ„¢ Issues and Projects in XML.


Based on my experience writing for Executive Challengeâ„¢, I wrote an example-based tutorial on XML, with an emphasis on elements specific to the project. To engage the writers, who are often unaccustomed to reading technical documents, I kept the language casual and the content straightforward.


  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 3: How to Write a Basic ExChall Project in XML